Photo: Joey Franco

Tony Masecchia is an artist disguised as a businessman. The 55-year-old president of Aquabrass has been on a lifelong journey to consolidate his artistic predisposition with his entrepreneurial spirit. The result; a brand that has established itself as a global leader in the high-end faucet industry. Aquabrass centers around cutting edge technology, with a spirit of old-world craftsmanship. His company, like his soul, is a dual tour-de-force of functionality and aesthetic splendour.

We sat down with Mr. Masecchia to extract some wisdom around business, life, and even Instagram.

I think if you’re born being able to be passionate about something, then you will get educated about what you like, and you’ll become intelligent about that [subject]. Some people are born without being passionate about anything- they’re not even passionate about themselves!

The two most important ingredients [to success] are health and luck.

I have to be comfortable in my space. Sometimes I go meet customers- their office is like a jewellery shop. I would go crazy.

In North America, the young people, they’re into disposable society- they throw away things. They don’t have time to fall in love with anything. They just throw. They use it, and they throw. I’m 55-years-old, my generation was save- buy something that’s going to last you a long time.

People find certain things nice and some other people find something else nice. Whenever you create something, at any level- the minute that you call yourself a designer, the last person that you have to design for is yourself. I have my own personal style, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll want that style.

Unfortunately we don’t have the luxury of time anymore, so we try to dedicate all of our time into the craftsmanship. Whatever we could automate, we’ll use all the technology available so that we could do smarter things. When it comes to actually making a product, we don’t go to the robotic.

I always say, if you have to go to work in any given position, and you don’t want to go to work- I don’t want you here! We do whatever it takes for people to be happy here.

I’m fifty five, I think that the young generation is better than my generation. Today, there’s freedom. Guys hug each other, we didn’t. There’s a better synergy, I find. When I went to school, all we did was fought- that’s all it was, today we don’t have much of that. We’re losing ourselves a little bit with being antisocial, people are always behind their phone. Some people probably have a hard time to communicate, they have a hard time to express themselves one-on-one.

Today, communication is allowing everyone to be an artist. You could do something and put it online and so many people get to see it. In my days, I used to do my drawings, and to get in to school you had to bring your portfolio, bring the damn thing with you. Today, with social media, if you’re an artist- painter, singer, whatever- you could make your art available out there. In my time, if you were shy, and you were a good painter, where would you go with your painting? Nowhere! You kept it in the garage.

We talk about anything, there’s not one subject that we don’t talk about [with my children]. There’s nothing hidden, it’s open.

Be true to yourself. Believe in who you are, what you are, and go for it. Don’t try to be somebody else. People say we can change. You can’t change! The artist is an artist all his life. Look, I’m an artist, my company is more art than anything else- but I do faucets. It transpires into everything we do.

Eclectic [is a word that describes me], because it’s a bag full of many different things.

Instagram is a highway. Ninety percent of the people drive carefully on a highway. Ten percent are idiots, they drive fast, they’re not equipped with winter tires.