Photo: Joey Franco

Location: Piatti – 2, ch. De la Grande-Côte Rosemere, Qc
Mixologist: Gianpiero Morgia


• Fedelie Frizzante Ancestrale Bianco • 1 ½ oz. Torelli Vermouth Rosso • 1 oz. Campari • Orange peel for garnish • Ice • Wine glass

Photo: Joey Franco

In a wine glass filled with ice, mix 1 ½ oz. of red vermouth (Torelli or similar) with 1 oz of Campari. Top with Fedelie Frizzante Ancestrale Bianco, a sparkling white wine from Sicily made with Viognier grapes. Garnish with an orange peel.

Gianpiero Morgia, owner at Piatti Restaurant, wanted to reimagine the classic Negroni. The result is a zealous concoction of flavour and visual splendour; it is as tasty as it is fun to look at with its layers of colorful delight. The Negroni Ancestrale, as it was baptized by Gianpiero, will be the hit of your holiday get together.

The Fedelie Frizzante Ancestrale is an artisanal take on the modern spumante we have come to enjoy during the holiday season. The ancient method used to create this bubbly dates back to the 1500s, long before technology dictated the winemaking process- a time when nature was the main catalyst in the winemaking process. “There’s much more taste to it,” says Gianpiero. The frizzante is characterized by deposits of wine lees found at the bottom of the bottle; a testament to the artisanal nature of the beverage.

The nutty notes, and orange zest of Fedelie with the bitter and spicy elements found in the vermouth and Campari prove to be a fantastic combination; making it a perfect holiday cocktail.