Moncler brand has a world-wide appeal for its iconic luxurious outerwear. Kith, well known multifunctional lifestyle brand, partnered with Moncler to offer a full range of apparel, footwear, and accessories designed for the winter season. The collection includes iconic Moncler pieces, such as the Rochebrune Jacket, complemented by original silhouettes designed by Kith, like the Lachat Down Hoodie. The color palette is comprised of red, off-white, and navy, inspired by both brands’ home countries of the USA and France.

An assortment of 36 styles is planned to be released in two deliveries over the course of two weeks. Delivery 1 focuses on enduring the harsh winter elements, including all of the collection’s outerwear, accessories and boots. Delivery 2 offers more leisurely garments such as a premium fleece program, tees, and a three-way collaboration with Asics on the Gel-Lyte III assilhouette.

The collection will be available at all Kith shops,, select Moncler flagships, resort destinations, and