A visionary and perfectionist, Romano decided to opt out of his father’s system of selling their wines in bulk to the large Asti producing estates. Rather, fuelled by his belief that the Moscato grape could indeed produce world class wines, Romano began a quest that was rather unheard of in the Asti region … estate grown and bottled Asti Spumantes.

The first of his crus to be launched was La Caudrina in the late 1970s. Building upon the success of La Caudrina, the single vineyard La Galeisa Moscato d’Asti was launched in 1989 and the estate’s flagship wine, the Asti Spumante La Selvatica followed in 1993. Caudrina’s Moscatos will truly change the view anyone has of Moscato. Low yields, old vines, meticulous work in the vineyard and traditional winemaking techniques are all signatures that make Caudrina’s Moscatos so different from any other the region has to offer.

Although best known for its sparkling whites, Caudrina also produces traditional-style red wines from native Piedmont varietals like Dolcetto, Nebbiolo and Barbera. Today, Romano remains the head of the estate and is assisted by his wife and three sons Alessandro, Sergio and Marco.

Heading into the holiday season, Caudrina goes into overdrive to support the distribution of their world-class sparkling wines. As is tradition in Italy (and among the Italian diaspora around the world) the celebration of Christmas and ringing in of the New Year is always done with a glass of Spumante in hand. Those fortunate enough to fill theirs with Moscato d’Asti from La Caudrina are all the more likely to toast more than once through the night